Solu-Cell Buns

Three-Sixty Solutions is proud to offer the Solu-Cell family of bun stock cross linked foams. Our bun line incorporates a complete range of low density and high density foams in both XLPE, EVA and co-poly blends. The respective specification sheets and MSDS sheets for your reference under ‘Data sheets’.

Solu-Cell buns are available in White, Light Gray, Mid-Gray, Charcoal, Black, Blue, Red and Yellow. Standard densities range from 1.5# to 15# in XLPE and 2# to 22# in EVA (not all bun sizes are available in all densities and colors).

Solu-Cell Buns
  • Solu-Cell EVA

    Solu-Cell EVA (13)

    Solu-Cell EVA buns

  • Solu-Cell XL EVA Buns

    Solu-Cell XL EVA Buns (145)

    Solucell XL EVA Buns

  • Solu-Cell XLPE Buns

    Solu-Cell XLPE Buns (31)

    Solucell XLPE Buns